monthly subscription: $69.95/mo $49.95/mo special 
or save 30% for 3 months: $48.95/mo special (save $63.00)
or save 40% for 6 months: $41.95/mo special (save $168.00)
or save 47% for 12 months: $36.95/mo special (save $395.00)


No doubt about it! One of the fastest ways to grow a small business is via Internet sales, so any tool that can help you tap into the ever-growing number of online shoppers is something to look into. A crucial piece of any good e-selling strategy is your online store solution. Through an exciting 

partnership, Sunrise Wholesale & MyShopKart have come together to offer the ultimate online selling platform!

Your website comes preloaded with Sunrise Wholesale products
You stay in sync with the Sunrise Wholesale inventory so your products are always in stock

You have total control over all aspects of your store via user-friendly store management tools
You can also sell your own products or those of any other suppliers you choose 
Your webstore is already setup to use PayPal for payment processing
Shipping is pre-configured to match the Sunrise Wholesale rates
No setup fees, hassles or delays
Within minutes of signup, your site is online & ready to take orders!


You can forget about wasting hours and hours adding product images and descriptions one at a time because we will pre-load & synchronize your website with 
the Sunrise Wholesale product catalog...

Using professionally designed MyShopKart templates and point & click store administration tools, you can be setup with a great looking fully stocked webstore in a few minutes (not days or weeks). Check out this demo site:  

Sunrise Wholesale Demo Site  

We've loaded this demo with the same Sunrise Wholesale products inventory your store will have. And even once your site is setup, you can switch between 20 site designs on the fly without affecting any of the products or functions of your store.  It's totally flexible.



Most shopping cart solutions are too complicated and too expensive. They take weeks to setup and require computer skills most people don't have. MyShopKart is for people who have no technical skills, want results quickly and have to work on a tight budget.  


Setting up a preloaded store is simple:

The store signup wizard gathers all the information needed to create your store.
After payment, you're directed to your new website. 
User-friendly store administration tools allow you to manage all aspects of your store.
Login to your store - you get an instant email with all the details on what to do. 
Your shop is pre-loaded with the Sunrise Wholesale product catalog.
You can add/remove individual products & categories or change whatever else you want.
Your site is already setup for paypal and several other payment processors.
You are open for business & ready for people to make purchases in your online shop!

MyShopKart is fully customizable & easy to use. After sign-up, you can be selling online in a few minutes! 

When a visitor to your shop makes a purchase, you get an email notification. Simply login to your store to get the order details. You get paid by your buyer up front, then you place the order with your supplier who then ships the order. Just like every other retail business, you make a profit on the difference between your advertised price & your actual cost. 

As a way to celebrate our partnership, MyShopKart and Sunrise Wholesale are offering a special reduced rate to those who setup an online store - if you signup now we'll take over 45% off our regular rates & grandfather those savings for as long as you keep the store.

monthly subscription: $69.95/mo $49.95/mo special 
or save 30% for 3 months: $48.95/mo special (save $63.00)
or save 40% for 6 months: $41.95/mo special (save $168.00)
or save 47% for 12 months: $36.95/mo special (save $395.00)

If you want to start an online store but you're not sure this is the best solution for you, then take your time & have a look at the competition. Consider the benefits of having a website pre-loaded with Sunrise Wholesale products where your inventory is always kept in sync & you need no technical skills to manage the whole thing on a shoestring budget! We'll be here once you've looked around & we'll gladly set you up. Even if you miss out on the special introductory offer, you still get a great deal at our regular prices...

Everyone at MyShopKart & Sunrise Wholesale looks forward to being a partner in your success,

Armand Melanson

Richard Pfaff
Sunrise Wholesale


Upon purchase:

  • you'll be redirected to your site where you can login & manage your website

  • you'll also receive an email with the information on how to access your site

  • no contracts, no set-up fees, over 99% uptime 

    Our servers are professionally monitored and maintained at a professional Network Operations Center that has knowledgeable technicians on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to aid us in giving you the best quality service available on the Internet today. All of our servers are connected by dual redundant OC48 T-1 branch connections. Our servers are even kept in a temperature controlled environment so that they don't over heat, which often happens to poorly maintained servers. Just the other day a CPU fan went on the blink - within 30 minutes the problem was diagnosed & a maintenance plan was implemented so that the server would not be impacted. We don't mind going the extra mile to make sure that MyShopKart webstore owners can rest assured that their sites will be up & running 24x7. 

  • your site will be off of our domain e.g. 

  • or setup your own domain name (from within your site admin area)

  • you can cancel your store at anytime without any additional charges


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And if you're wondering whether you'll like MyShopKart or be able to get help setting up your store, then check out what these recent subscribers have to say:

"Thank You! Service is awesome!"

Vernon Lee Corley

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"Thank you so much for all your help your support - has been great."

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"Great templates. Excellent admin interface.  We are glad to be on board with MyShopKart."

Glenn Williams

"You guys are a class act. I love my new website."

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"I love the website, and the quick response time for customer service; that makes all the difference in the world."

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"Thank You! Service is awesome!"

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